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Friday, July 18, 2008


Microsoft launches Unifed in SF , Oct 2007

On the left: Etienne de Verdelhan, Chief Information Officer with L’Occitane, and on the right, Jeff Raikes, President of the Microsoft Business Division at the time.

French Guy CIO of L'occitane projected on large screen, over heads of audience composed largely of professional IT's.

French Guy Occitane CIO and Microsoft's Jeff Raikes on screen.

Bill Gates and Jeff Raikes. Click on photographs to enlarge.

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Well, I hope that business server is working out for them -- hope Bill makes a ton of cash so he can put it to good use in his philanthropic ventures...

It took me over a year to get switched over to the Mac, but now my nearly dead Windows machine is headed for the recycling depot -- and I've got to tell you that the MacPro is a real dream...   So logical that it's almost difficult... So whisper quiet that I can barely tell it's on...   I feel safe not even running a firewall or anti-virus...   Such a pleasure...
Did you? Good to know. I've been thinking about making the switch, just because Apple's computers were always easier to use, more fun, more intuitive. I work on Windows exclusively these days, gave up Macs in '96 and never looked back.

By the way, these pictures were part of a string of comments on Eric's blog (the blogger in Paris, France, who started all these daily city photoblogs you may have seen around). Eric posted about l'Occitane, that French chain store and I just wanted to show the commenters what their CIO looked like when he came to the Microsoft presentation last October.

Here is Eric's original post if you are interested.
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