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Sunday, December 28, 2008


Xmas Post Extra (Macy's Cuckoo Clock Series)

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Xmas post extra (Macy's Union Square Xmas Window )

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Xmas post extra (Macy's Puppies Series)

Dude, I'm sleeping! Put that camera away!

The kitties were a little bit more shy.

Awwwww, poor little things... sorry about the use of the flash, guys! They actually didn't seem to mind too much people taking photographs and came to the window to play with us from time to time. They were fed, watered, and properly cared for and played with by attendants on the other side of the "doors."

Hope you have enjoyed this Christmas puppy special! Don't forget to check with the SPCA if you need a puppy or a kitty, BEFORE you go to a breeder. They really have wonderful pets waiting for you to come by and pick them up.

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Thursday, December 25, 2008


Hanukah San Francisco (draft post)

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Cliquer sur les photos pour les agrandir

From time to time, I use this blog to post overflow stuff, or with someone particular in mind.
De temps en temps, j'utilise ce blog ci juste pour mettre des photos pour quelqu'un ou pour mettre des trucs que je ne sais pas ou mettre car ils ne vont pas avec les autres blogs, ou bien pour quelqu'un en particulier.

These photographs were taken on the 4th day of the lighting of the Menorah, in San Francisco Union Square.
Ces photos ont été prises le 4eme jour de Hannukah à Union Square, San Francisco.

My aplogies for the lousy quality of these pictures. It's not easy taking pictures when it's raining cats and dogs and one hand is holding your umbrella and/or the camera and the other one is holding a candle dripping wax all over your fingers! :)
Là, j'ai eu bien du mal à prendre ces quelques photos, surtout avec les bras chargés, avec une main prise par le parapluie et/ou l'appareil photo, et l'autre par une bougie qui coulait sur les doigts en plus! ;)

In the beginning, there was music, and people were dancing.
Au debut, il y avait de la musique, et les gens dansaient.

Here, they were giving "Chanukah gelt" (money) to the children.
La, c'est quand ils ont donné aux enfants le "gelt" (des sous) aux enfants.

They distributed to everyone in the crowd a little candle, which we had to light up.
Ils ont distribué a tout le monde des petites bougies que nous avons allumé

It was raining steadily but people didn't seem to care.
Il pleuvait pas mal mais les gens n'avaient pas l'air de faire attention à la pluie.

The rest, I trust, is self-explanatory.
Je crois que vous allez comprendre le reste!

My candle.
Ma bougie.

Happy Chanukah, Merry Xmas, Happy Holidays!

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