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Sunday, December 28, 2008


Xmas post extra (Macy's Puppies Series)

Dude, I'm sleeping! Put that camera away!

The kitties were a little bit more shy.

Awwwww, poor little things... sorry about the use of the flash, guys! They actually didn't seem to mind too much people taking photographs and came to the window to play with us from time to time. They were fed, watered, and properly cared for and played with by attendants on the other side of the "doors."

Hope you have enjoyed this Christmas puppy special! Don't forget to check with the SPCA if you need a puppy or a kitty, BEFORE you go to a breeder. They really have wonderful pets waiting for you to come by and pick them up.

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Merci Tomate. I hope these puppies and kitties got good homes for doing their good deed.
Ideal advertising for these little animals. Brought a smile to my face. Of course I also like to watch the Puppy Bowl instead of the Super Bowl.
Lovely puppies, Tomate. In Belgium we are not so far away from you in progress, as I have recently adopted a lovely 6-year old Shi-Tsu she-dog (I dont like bitch)(Cerise) who has a sole big defect : she will only pee and sh... in the street, in my company, and its damn cold in the street in this season! - Love -Raymonde - Dec. 30 08.
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